Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I get there somehow

Somehow or other I get from point A to point B, sooner or later. This usually involves a Garmin, Mapquest, directions on my IPhone and my daughter with the freakish abilities of a compass. All of this at the same time.

I have given up spreading the map across my steering wheel as I drive. Seems that other drivers frown on that sort of thing if the honking is any indication. My youngest daughters have no fear of the open road as well as her brothers .
The love of my life also relies on some type of directions but very little. She insists on taking the highway everywhere while I will stick to the local streets, sometimes through very questionable neighborhoods. I've been known to make the children slink all the way down in their seats until we were safely through. They sometimes ended up sitting on the floor if my fear level was high enough.

Today we are on the road to a gynecology appointment for my partner. I, of course, am a backseat driver .
Me: you know if you took that other street we could have made it onto the main road sooner
My love : that other street doesn't go to the main road.
Me: yes it does
My love : no it doesn't ( voice is getting a little tense here)
Me: yes it does ( what am I ? Twelve years old ?)
My love : that street does not go there.
At this point I am drawing an imaginary map in the air.
Me: well, I get there somehow.
My love: well of course you do.

Of course I still get to gloat as traffic on the highway is backed up . Maybe next time she will let me do the driving.

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