Monday, November 5, 2012

Tiny toes

Because we now live in Florida we take advantage of the attractions, the warm weather and virtual anonymity that tourists provide. You can do almost anything crazy thing you want and no one will remember you unless you managed to photo bomb their family picture or someone has whipped out their camera phone, in which case you smile pretty for their photo or you better have a pretty ass because it will be out there for eternity.

One of the things we have also noticed is the amount of  new babies at the parks, most appear to be newborns. There must have been a blackout or a snowstorm a little over ten months ago that would explain the boom. We smile to ourselves when we see tiny little toes sticking out in the air under the hood of what amounts to tiny Conestoga wagons in a wagon train. These are impressive strollers loaded down with the family's household goods. One dad was bent forward in half trying to push  his family's belongings as though he were going up the side of a mountain. We followed him a little while in case he rolled back and needed assistance. One child ran out in front acting as a scout. We eventually abandoned him when we smelled something sugary and ran like ants to the feast.
Thinking about it later I wondered about the littlest tourists and what would happen in the future as they will not remember this trip and will jealously look at the vacation photos of the supposed good time they had.

Child: why can't we go to Disney like my friend from school ( these friends from school do all the cool stuff.).
Mom: Because we just can't afford it now honey
Child : But you went !
Mom: So did you honey
Child : No I didn't , it doesn't count because I was in a stroller and  all I saw was the ass end  of the person blocking my view
Mom: I'm sorry sweetie, we have to wait until daddy grows a new kidney to sell and then we'll be able to afford to go
Child: If you loved me you would sell daddy.
Mom: Don't think mommy hasn't thought about it sweetie.

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